Gensys helps you navigate through the complexities of construction projects. The philosophy guiding every thought and action is simple and succinct- "Find solutions. Seize opportunities. Create value. Be transparent. Surpass expectations. Deliver on time." At Gensys, the focus is on purpose and process. All functions are optimized for driving and deriving value at every stage of the project.

Gensys possesses the expertise and experience needed to accomplish your grand vision. There are tried and tested systems in place to monitor and gauge progress for maximum efficiency. Listed here are the many ways in which Gensys could help you discover the true potential of your project and harness it for exponential growth.

Project Management Services

  • Preparing Master Project Schedule in consultation with client
  • Coordinating with architect and other consultants for obtaining specifications and quantities for various works
  • Assisting client in identifying contractors/agencies suitable for the project
  • Techno-commercial scrutiny of the quotations submitted by contractors
  • Assisting client in finalizing the contractor/agency. Preparing draft of work order for awarding the work
  • Preparation of detailed bar chart in consultation with various consultants and contractors involved in the project
  • Preparing quality assurance plan and monitoring quality of work at site on regular basis
  • Monitoring project progress and updating client
  • Informing client regularly about cash flow requirements, critical issues, pending decisions, etc.
  • Value engineering by exploring alternatives for various items of work to reduce cost/time
  • Verifying quantities of executed works and certifying bills
  • Advising client on technical matters, and cost/time impact for various options available for any decision
  • Troubleshooting at site on day to day basis on all quality related issues, execution problems, etc.
  • Closing out of all contracts and handing over project to client


  • Coordinating with client, architect and other consultants for obtaining engineering drawings, specifications and quantities for various works
  • Preparing of Master Project Schedule in consultation with client
  • Preparing quality assurance plan
  • Preparing budgetary estimates for the project
  • Preparing cash flow
  • Preparing tender document
  • Identifying prospective bidders and floating tenders
  • Conducting pre-bid meetings
  • Evaluating tenders
  • Finalizing successful contractor

Project Planning

  • Preparing detailed timeline using MS Project software based on inputs received
  • Creating logical links between interdependent activities and arrive at critical path for the project
  • Updating timeline in case of changes in construction sequence as suggested by client

Project Costing

  • Preparing initial block estimate based on data of similar past projects
  • Working out detailed quantities of all the items of work in a systematic manner as and when the required drawings are received
  • Breaking up the quantities structure wise, floor wise, flat wise as per the agreed format at the start of the assignment
  • Providing construction sequence wise break up of quantities to enable the daily input of actual executed quantities
  • Preparing rate analysis of major items based on material rates provided
  • Preparing material takeoff for all the quantities based on mix design/specifications provided
  • Preparing detailed cost estimate based on quantities and rates arrived as above

Project Tracking

  • Tracking timeline on daily basis based on progress report received from site
  • Submitting weekly report about delays and time impact on project milestones and overall project completion
  • Reconciling the material consumed based on material receipt and store issue reports provided by client. A joint physical verification of stock at site, if necessary, can be done on completion of a particular stage of construction

Structural Design Services

  • Preparing framing plans and deciding column positions in co-ordination with architect and client
  • Preparing Design Basis Report for client approval
  • Analyzing and designing of building for Dead Loads, Live Loads, Earthquake Loads, Wind Loads, etc.
  • Preparing structural drawings for execution at site
  • Preparing design calculation report for submission to local authorities (if required)
  • Providing structural stability certificate at the end of construction
  • Providing need based advice to the client during defects liability period and assisting in dispute resolution on structural matters (if any) beyond the project duration
  • Preparing structural design drawings for various structures connected to main structures like overhead water tank, canopies, pergola, space frame, etc.
  • Reviewing shop drawings prepared by fabricator for structural steel work (if any)
  • Preparing structural design drawings for miscellaneous structures near the main structure like raised open spaces, retaining walls, underground water tanks, culverts etc.
  • Visiting site for verification of reinforcement as and when required

Architectural Design Services

(Through Associates)

  • Preparing Architectural Concept Design consisting of sketches, drawings and images of perspectives with area statements (including master planning, where required). The basic designs shall be made in accordance with the basic guidelines of Indian Vastushastra
  • Preparing Preliminary Architectural Designs based on the agreed design brief, approved concept design and site related information, in the form of preliminary sketches, plans, elevations, sections, perspective images, adequate to explain the general planning and nature of work (including master Planning, where required) with basic dimensions and area statements inclusive of outline preliminary concepts for structural & services
  • Reviewing and modifying as necessary after clients' feedback and any other relevant information, until sign-off of Architectural Preliminary Design
  • Preparing required drawings for submission to the local authority
  • Liaison with statutory authorities for obtaining the building permits and construction approvals
  • Preparing working drawings and details with in depth specifications for all aspects of architectural works
  • Preparing working drawings before the start of and during the execution of work at site at intervals as required
  • Conducting periodic site visits during the construction phase of the project
  • Providing explanatory drawings and sketches during the construction phase in support of the working drawing issued
  • Preparing the "As Built" drawings and supplying the required no. of sets of the As Built drawings after the completion of the works

Plumbing Design Services

(Through Associates)

  • Accumulating data for plumbing systems through meetings with client and other consultants
  • Calculating population for the project in consultation with architect and working out water requirement for the complete project
  • Finalizing water capacities for UGR & OHT for plumbing, fire fighting, landscape, etc.
  • Allocating space for UGR, OHT, STP, WTP, etc. and shaft allocation for plumbing
  • Designing toilet plan & elevation for internal water supply and drainage for project
  • Planning & designing of rain water vertical down-takes
  • Preparing detailed engineering drawing for:
    1. External master water supply distribution system, hydro-pneumatic pumping system design, system single line diagram
    2. External master sewage drainage line for complete project
    3. External master storm water for complete project.
  • Preparing detailed drawings for toilets and kitchen drainage and water supply layout
  • Creating technical specifications of sewage treatment plant and water treatment plant
  • Preparing bill of quantities, specifications and estimates
  • Planning and designing rain water harvesting system in consultation with geologist and architect
  • Detailed checking at site of internal water supply and drainage layout for one typical floor toilet
  • Conducting fortnightly site visits or as per clients/work requirements

Landscape Design Services

(Through Associates)

  • Designing landscape scheme and site planning with detailed inputs for grading and levels on site
  • Designing, detailing and preparing the working drawings of all elements namely civil works, planting scheme and details, fabrication, color schemes, lighting layout and specifications, finishing details, etc. and any other specialty elements like fountains, sculptures, features, etc.
  • Issuing drawing to various agencies for inputs for structural works, irrigation, electrical, fabrication, etc. Interacting with them to get inputs for drawing, detailing and execution of respective works and approving their bills.
  • Conducting site visits as required for the methodical progress of work on site to ensure that all works are according to the design, as and when required or as per schedule fixed depending on stages of developmental work.
  • Interacting with civil contractor, horticultural contractor, electrical agency, plumbing agency, etc., and checking markings (line out) done on site, making samples of certain works, approving of samples and materials, etc.

Electrical Design Services

(Through Associates)

  • Preparing electrical load calculations sheet for lighting and power requirement
  • Creating electrical fixture layouts like light, fan and power socket as per architectural furniture plans
  • Preparing Single Line Diagram for the entire system
  • Preparing external electrical layout with transformer location, D.G. Set, L.T. Panel room, Feeder pillar and cable size
  • Preparing L.T. Panel design and drawings
  • Preparing H.T. Panel design and drawings
  • Preparing earthing details
  • Designing electrical installations/UPS/invertors including emergency power
  • Designing raceway layouts
  • Designing low voltage systems wherever applied – telephone and data systems as required

Mechanical Design Services

(Through Associates)

  • Preparing Design Reports, Design Drawings, Specification, BOQ for compressed air system
  • Preparing design reports of ventilation and AC system
  • Preparing all layout drawings for ventilation system
  • Preparing layout drawings for air conditioning system
  • Release of good for construction coordinated services drawings

Construction Services

(Through Associates)

  • Appointing competent contractors to carry out the work as per design drawings and tender document
  • Procuring materials
  • Getting work done from these contractors ensuring quality and timely delivery
  • Conducting regular safety audits